It is totally embarrassing…


20150422_7825web20150422_7826web20150422_7827web20150422_7828web20150422_7831web…to say how long I have been working on and off on this tri-fold project. A couple of days ago I finished this, the first complete proof. As I have noted before, I stole the design from a Chanel ad piece that was included with my Vanity Fair subscription. I modified it by adding another page and making it bigger to accommodate 8.5×11 inch sheets of photo paper.

The tri-fold consist of an 11.25×26 inch pieces of Arches Cover and two sheets of 32lb Premium Matte 2 Sided Red River inkjet paper.

I  printed all of it on my Epson R3000. I think the folder is a really neat design that could accommodate a vast variety of photo/writing projects.

Of course since putting it all together, I discovered a bunch of typos and other mistakes, and I am not sure I like some of the fonts I used – but that is why one makes these artist’s proofs, n’est pas!

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Fresh From The Gulf…

20150416_7770nikc…and off the boat, the cutaway transom of which can be seen  in the upper left corner.

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20110814_6678nikweb2_ppI am not getting out on the water enough to photograph my friends clamming and oystering.

This is my friend Milinda a couple of years ago pulling clam bags off Cedar Key.

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The Colors Of Clamming…The Book


20150422_7813web20150422_7814webThe book[let]arrived the other day from Amsterdam where it was printed by Peecho. They are the printer used by issuu. It was on issuu that I first ‘published the book. Now, I can order a copy of it from them, but nobody else can. So, to make the book available to anybody who would like a copy, I uploaded it to the peecho site and it can be ordered from them. My version [shown above] is the medium seize [25.4 x 19.1 cm], soft cover book. It can be ordered in a variety of ways and is pretty inexpensive. However, depending where in the world you live, the shipping can be as much as the book.There are fifteen photos in the book, and you can see the whole thing on the issuu site.

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“The Perfect Morning…”

20150422_7791webThe ‘cold’ front passed through yesterday, and this morning the air was cool and crisp, a welcome break from the muggy warm weather we have been having. I have a feeling it is our last ‘hurrah’ before summer comes in earnest.Going out on my bike I had to push a bit against the northerly winds, but at least they hung around on my return leg, and I had a brisk ride back. At home, I had the a/c off and the doors open

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“The Three Musketeers…”

990709-17webMy friends Jonya, Polly and Milinda a few years ago. This is so old that this is from a scan of the print. Original 35mm Fuji Neopan 1600 neg.

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“Always Working…”

20150329_7748webTwo of my WaterWomen friends [or ‘oystermen’ as their licenses say] cooking and serving seafood at a fundraiser for the Oystermen’s Association.

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“Out In The Boondocks…..”

20150322_7726webphoto by: Wyeth

…with Wyeth on a 30 miler.

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“Our Most Excellent Backyard Seen From The Kitchen Door…”


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“Complete….I think….”

I think I may want to tweak a couple of things, but other than that, all the info is there!

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Lindbergh_Women_II_Layout_-copy-1542x1141photo by: Peter Lindbergh

Just a short aside. This is the kind of photo I am missing. It is by Peter Lindbergh from the current issue of W – I breath a sigh of relief. Too many times I find the photos in the current glossies without merit and totally over the top. I used to be able to look at photo spreads and pretty much tell who the photographer was. I can’t do that anymore [perhaps it’s just me]. The sense of style and personality that came through in a photographer’s work seems to be no more. Perhaps it was easier with film and without PS – I don’t know & I am not moaning about the disappearance of film – just the disappearance of substance.

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“The Story of The Gates…”

20150325_7730nikwebWell, I don’t know any of the stories, but there surely must be some good ones. This is one of the many ‘country’ gates I pass on my morning bicycle rides. They all look different and interesting…but their stories remain a mystery, open to all sorts of interpretations.

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20150303_7637nikweb….for me anyhow – it also works in black & white. Not quite sure why I am always surprised when it does. It was a little easier when I worked with b&w film only, there was no choice. Too many choices tend to confuse me! :)

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20150320_7696PanoramanikwebI got off my bicycle to make this photo – it is ‘off the beaten path’ on the mainland. In 1861 the cross Florida railroad from Fernandina went this way, now it is just a disused spur off SR 24. So it’s been 150 years or so since the railroad was built on this same piece of ground, and every now and then a spike from the old, narrow gauge, track pokes through the pavement, and I swear I can see the outline of tracks under the broken asphalt surface of the road. I have mentioned it before, I love the North Florida landscape, and this ‘nothing’ piece of it is why. I doubt anybody passing this way gives the scene a second glance. A few yards down the road some idiots have been dumping trash and the parcel of land on which this site sits has been ‘For Sale’ forever. – So, move along folks, nothing to see here!

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“Still need to proof it…”


#ClippedOnIssuu from:

The Colors Of Clamming

I need to check on one more name and then I will order my first proof copy from issuu. Once that is done it will be available for purchase. I am not taking any profit so looking at issuu’s pricing it looks like the price will be around $15.97 for a 22.4 x 16.8 cm full color, softcover book. Less for a smaller one or perfect bound magazine. Shipping costs are higher than the cost of the book. You can check on the price by going to the issuu site.

The reason I keep posting these numerous ‘updates’ is to illustrate the process involved in making one of these. Now, not everybody is as slow as I am, but I hope these postings might inspire some of you to publish some of your work in a ‘print on demand’ magazine or book format.

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