Southern Road: The Country Store, SW SR 24, Florida.


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Monday Morning…

20140731_6061web2Been invited again to go out with these guys on Monday – looking forward to it.

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20150514_7935ppawbFor the ‘back-story’ see my previous post below.

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WaterWomen…The Way We Work…

20110814_6670ppwebMy friend MAC pulling clam bags, Gulf of Mexico.

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The Way We Work…

20101228_4946webBird-dog at the outside ramp, Cedar Key, FL

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Southern Road…

20100520_2780webBird-dog, 2nd Street, Cedar Key, FL

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WaterWomen – The Way We Work…

20150514_7951ppwebThis afternoon I finally got around to taking some prints to Jeanine at her oyster-house. Over the years/decades that I have photographed her, either at her oyster-house or out on the water, I have never seen her not at work and not looking like she should be on the cover of some glossy magazine. Today was no exception. She did not know I was coming and was working on some paper work while simultaneously getting some oysters ready for a local restaurant. I was able to talk her into sitting in the shade of her loading dock for approximately 3 minutes and 37.5 seconds, so that I could do some portraits of her. This is one of them.

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The Way We Work…

IMG_0059nikwebNothing much has changed in the intervening decade or so. Glenda still moves faster than greased lightening  when working in the kitchen of her restaurant, even my digital camera can’t keep up with her! :)

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The Way We Work…

DSC04477nikcerbThe last of a breed, Rick’s wooden bird-dog boat. I think it is no longer in service, I have not seen it for a while. I used to think of it as a big boat, but it is dwarfed by today’s fiberglass bird-dogs.

[these always look better to me if you click on the image and view it large]

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The Way We Work…

DSC04474nikcwebJust an ordinary view, a couple of hundred yards from our house….

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Finally ‘For Sale’…

colorsofclammingMy small book The Colors Of Clamming is for sale by Peecho, the printer in Amsterdam who printed my copy.  Clicking on the above image will take you to their site where you can order the book in several different print versions. I ordered mine as a softcover book:


25.4 x 19.1 cm

From € 8.24

that does not include shipping, and depending where you live can be cheap or expensive. If you are interested in what the book actually looks like you can go to the issuu site where you can leaf through the book and see every page. I do need to point out that the images look more vibrant when viewed on the computer monitor, than on the printed page.

I like the idea of taking a set of photos that form a coherent idea or body of work and converting them into books, either printing them myself or having them done by one of the print-on-demand places. That is the main reason I am posting the info on this project.

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No Boat Trailer Parking…

DSC03240-nikcwebAnother one from my Southern Road series.

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Just a Door…

DSC02874nikwebWe have a couple of buildings in town that have this Potemkin Village feel to them. Apparently at some point the structures burned  and eventually these fake facades were affixed to the front of the ruined buildings. This door is part of that, and I can’t stop taking a photo of it now and then. I have several pinhole, film and digital shots of it.

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Going Small…

20150502_7854web20150502_7856web20150502_7857web20150502_7861web I designed and printed a smaller version [8.75 x 5.75 inches] of myWaterWomen trifold. I really think in this case smaller is better – I do love the seize and feel of it – it is a pleasure to hold in my hands. The  5.75 x 26 inch piece for the ‘outside’ of the trifold is printed on Arches Cover. The two tipped in 5.5 x 8.5 inch sheets, with photos printed on front and back, are RedRiver Aurora Art Natural, a matte, two sided inkjet paper. They perfectly complement the Arches. With the two tip-in sheets added there are ten surfaces on which to print – which I think is a fine number for a good sampling of work.

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The Way We Work…


Off loading the last few clams from the boat. This is a good view of the cut-away transom on the bird-dog boat.

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