The Last Time…



I drove by here it was a bar – alongside US 19/98, Florida.

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Evening Storm…


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The Photographer…

0813wowwebpp2Working on updating my web site, I ran across this photo of my friend Mary Beth which was taken in her Tallahassee studio about seven years ago. I had never processed it before, and am quite happy with this black and white version. She is a fantastic professional photographer and you can see her work on her website.

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Southern Road…moving…


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Strictly a concept….

splashI feel the need for developing a new, cleaner website. Here is my ‘shorthand’ three page concept. My thought is that I want the site to be clean, and with minimal content, just a few images from several portfolios. That kind of thing. If you click on the above it will take you to the site, and if you then click on that page it will take you to the contents page with, so far, only one concept portfolio listed. The portfolio is a ‘slideshow’ that you need to scroll by swiping each image. It is not explained anywhere. My assumption is that viewers are savvy enough now to figure that out. -oh, and I am only using my first and middle name  for the site.

I would love your feedback – many thanks!index

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Straight Scan…

mb002webCleaning up, I ran across this print of MB which was done a couple of decades or so ago. It is about 7×11 inches printed on warmtone Agfa fiber paper. Aside from the fact that I really like the portrait, what is amazing to me is that it was made with my 35mm SLR using T-Max 3200. By the way, MB is now a wonderfully successful photographer – I am so proud of her!

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The Way We Work……

Heading home after a morning of planting and harvesting clams in the Gulf of Mexico.

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The Way We Work…

DSC06744webWesley and Jeffrey harvesting clams, Gulf of Mexico…

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Southern Road…

20150610_8021nikcwebBurger King parking lot, US 19/98, Florida

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Southern Road…

20150608_7990webGas Station, SR 24, Florida…

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20150514_7914ppnikwebA grab shot of Jeanine [aka oystergirl] on the loading dock of her oysterhouse. One of a series we made in a couple of minutes while she took a break from work.

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BOATBUILDING008BOATBUILDING005BOATBUILDING010During our summer boatbuilding program for students from our school we built six of these Elegant Punts [way back in 1998] Each student built their own boat – despite some good tries we were only able to continue the program one more summer. I think we should try again – and make it work!

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Southern Road: The Country Store, SW SR 24, Florida.


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Monday Morning…

20140731_6061web2Been invited again to go out with these guys on Monday – looking forward to it.

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20150514_7935ppawbFor the ‘back-story’ see my previous post below.

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