Finally finished the prototype of my 4×6 inch tri fold. I am pleased with the way it turned out. I printed it on two sided Red River Aurora Art Natural. The layout has ten pages for text/photos and I think it is a pretty neat design for presenting  a series of images.


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At The Oysterhouse…..

20151114_0376webI finally was able to get some prints to Jeanine, who runs the only oysterhouse in Cedar Key, and persuade her to take a couple of minutes from shucking oysters to let me do a portrait. As I have noted before, in all the years that I have gone out to the oysterhouse I have never not found her working. When I mentioned this to her she just smiled and said, ‘well, that’s what I do.’ So, she took off her apron and sat a couple of minutes, just long enough for me to get this portrait, and then it was back to shucking oysters!

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“Saturday Night…”

20151010_0179nikcinstgrWhen driving US 19/98 in Florida, I invariably stop at the Burger King in Perry. This Saturday evening was no exception. The cars and pickups were lined up to go through the drive-through. A couple of them had dogs standing on/in the back of the pickups, not an uncommon sight around here. This truck was beautifully lined up in front of the Burger King logo all lit up – but by the time I got my camera going it had moved – so I considered myself lucky to get this photo. It’s a bit cliche and a bit iconic I guess…..

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The Pot of Gold……

1967rvn001webMy long title for this is:

The Pot of Gold That Never Was & The Lessons We never Learned…

The is a photo of a portion of my company’s position just south of the DMZ, in Quảng Trị Province – Viet-Nam. I took it in 1967 shortly before returning to the States. To me it is a visual metaphor for the mess we are in right now.


“How many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?”

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Along the Trail…

20150929_0088NIKCwebI have the great good fortune to live withing a stone’s throw of a fantastic network of bicycle trails. A superbly landscaped and maintained trail takes me along one of the main highway arteries to the trail head of the St. Marks Trail, which lies atop the the narrow gauge railroad bed of the Tallahassee to St. Marks railroad. If I wanted to ride  all the way to St. Marks from our place it would be a forty mile round trip. As it is I am totally satisfied to put in my 20 miles most mornings. The mileage app on my smart phone tells me that I am averaging just over 100 miles a week, which for right now is a nice, round number.

There is a small section along the trail in Wakulla County with an amazing assortment of interesting houses and structures. Here is a sampling, which I photographed sometimes from my moving bike, sometimes by actually getting off the bike and taking a minute or two.






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Learned Something New…


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Lumen Portrait II..


I have realized that the funkiness of the lumen process allows me to use some of my more funky images and so I am having a good converting them to lumen prints.  A different paper this time!

[Digital neg contact printed onto 5×7 ILFORD Multigrade IV, RC Delux, Satine – about 4 minutes of full sun exposure.]

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Lumen Portrait…


Jeanine [oystergirl] who runs an/the oysterhouse in Cedar Key.

The negative for this was quite thin and probably more suited to a Cyanotype print. To me, the versatility of the digital negative is astounding and a wonderful addition to my photography.

[5×7 Arista.Edu, Variable Contrast RC, Semi Matte, about 8 minutes of shade/daylight exposure.]

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Lumen Landscape…

LUMENsuwannee001webLumen print experiment.  Digital negative exposed 4 minutes in full Florida sun unto a sheet of 5×7 inch Arista.Edu, Variable Contrast RC, Semi Matte. Scanned at 360 dpi.

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The Way We Work…

DSC06741nikcwebWesley pulling clams, Gulf of Mexico. He and his crew supply clams to Whole Foods.

20150617_8077nikcwebWesley wrestling with a clam belt, Gulf of Mexico. [The clam belt is a roll of clam bags with baby clams in it, ready to be staked to the bottom]

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The Last Time…



I drove by here it was a bar – alongside US 19/98, Florida.

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Evening Storm…


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The Photographer…

0813wowwebpp2Working on updating my web site, I ran across this photo of my friend Mary Beth which was taken in her Tallahassee studio about seven years ago. I had never processed it before, and am quite happy with this black and white version. She is a fantastic professional photographer and you can see her work on her website.

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Southern Road…moving…


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Strictly a concept….

splashI feel the need for developing a new, cleaner website. Here is my ‘shorthand’ three page concept. My thought is that I want the site to be clean, and with minimal content, just a few images from several portfolios. That kind of thing. If you click on the above it will take you to the site, and if you then click on that page it will take you to the contents page with, so far, only one concept portfolio listed. The portfolio is a ‘slideshow’ that you need to scroll by swiping each image. It is not explained anywhere. My assumption is that viewers are savvy enough now to figure that out. -oh, and I am only using my first and middle name  for the site.

I would love your feedback – many thanks!index

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