“Shop Talk…”

010507-21nikwwwweb I am getting pretty excited about working up prints for the upcoming The Way We Worked exhibit. This is ‘Father – Daughter – Shop Talk.’ What I am really getting exited about is hopefully going out on the water this week and starting a new ‘chapter’ in my documentary project. Details to follow! :)

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“Teddy Bear…”

20140725_5840nikcweb This time in color. Right after the rain stopped I set out on my morning ride, and came across this most wondrous cloud scene. I got my miles in, and after I got home the skies ‘opened up’ again and we had a huge downpour!

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“Riding Home…”

20140721_5834niktmbwwebCaptureThis morning I had a hard time making up my mind as to whether or not to go for my bicycle ride. The radar showed a pretty big rain/storm systems approaching us fast. I figured I would have enough time to perhaps get in a very short ride, so what if I got a little wet on the return trip. When I got about three miles out, I noticed that the wind was coming out of the North, which meant it was pushing against the incoming stuff, and I might have a bit more time. So I continued on for a 12 mile ride. On the way back I briefly stopped at #4 to admire the incoming clouds. This is looking roughly east, towards the mainland of Florida. It never did rain……

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20140717_5825nikweb Early morning drive to the Big City for an appointment.Dirty windshield and all.

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“In Camera…”

0403a-14nikwebSome of you may recall that I used a portion of this print in my previous masthead for this blog. It is from an in camera, double exposure of my artist and designer friend MAC. Going through some old files I just came across it, and since it is more or less its tenth anniversary and one of my favorite portraits I thought I would go ahead and post it.

[Yashica Mat TLR, Neopan 400 and it's a double exposure because I forgot to wind the film! Don't particularly like the way the jpg compression made this look, but...]
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“Simple Framing…”

20140713_5822webTrying to figure out how to frame/display my prints for the upcoming exhibit, I am once again experimenting with Format Frames. This is a 12 x 16 inch one I bought at a ‘Big Box’ store for about $5.00. The traditional framer in me shudders about using cheap frames with no mat. However I have to take into consideration the significant cost I would incur if I framed a couple of dozen prints the way I used to, and be stuck with them once the exhibit closes. I actually like the slim profile of these frames and the fact that they come with real glass. One problem with them is that they are very fragile, and often I discover that they are damaged at the corners, after I get them home. It’s the kind of damage that is almost invisible while they are still in their shrink wrap. However, at this price, I can accept that. I don’t think there is enough space in the frame to exhibit a mounted and matted print. I will find out, I ordered one 16×20 frame to try and see if I can get it to accept my mounted/matted silver gelatin print photos. In the meantime, I am pretty happy with the look I get this way. By the way, I cut a piece of 13×19 inkjet paper to 12×16 inches prior to printing this photo of my friend Diana pulling a bag of clams from her lease.


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“Who Needs A Lens…II?”

Untitled-2webThis is undoubtedly one of my favorite pinhole portraits. It is of my friend Aida and her daughter Mary Beth, taken some twenty years ago. I just ran across this small print and thought it worth posting to remind myself of the interesting work that can be done with only a pinhole camera.

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Video: Richard Tuschman on Hopper Meditations

I have always been a fan of Hopper’s work and as a photographer contemplated on somehow making Hopper like images photographically. My ideas was/is to not ‘rephotograph’ his work but to use his sense of light and color and the ‘atmosphere’ in his paintings and translate them into contemporary photographs. Well, I neither have the color sense nor the models to really work on that. So, I have been interested in photographers who have dealt with Hopper’s work in their own photography. I know of several who are doing it, and just ran across this video of Richard Tuschman’s work. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of it. However, I found it interesting and thought that those of you who like Hopper and are photographers might find this interesting too.

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“Slick Calm…”

20140708_5801webI could not resist this one and jumped off my bicycle. I ride the same route all the time, but the scenery changes so much that it is never boring, and sometimes downright spectacular.

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“I was Long Overdue…..”



20140709_5814web…for a good haircut, and this afternoon I finally made it to Tina’s to get one. Myra who is a friend of Tina’s was there too, and since I have known her for as long as Tina [a long time] it was great seeing her and getting a chance to talk with her. She managed to turn her head before I got a good photo. However, I am posting it anyhow because it shows what a funky yet wonderfully classy place Tina’s is. I had to get my haircut on credit because the power was out at the bank [around the corner] and it was closed and of course, the ATM was not working.


Tina at work.

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“Proposed Poster # 2…”

WWWPoster2horizontalweb This is the proposed poster for the inside of the building, just to show the name of the exhibit. Of course this all could change totally, but I wanted to post this photo. It shows Morgan on his last net fishing trip prior to the enforcement of the net-ban. To me it nicely summarizes what I consider to have been the idiocy and maliciousness of the net-ban. These guys were not going to over-fish the Gulf considering the seize of their boats and nets, and it destroyed an honorable and meaningful occupation practiced by generations of islanders.

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“My Fourth Of July…”

20140704_5784panobwwebI made this panorama this morning when I took a couple of minutes during my bicycle ride and stopped on #4 bridge. We were getting outlier clouds and a bit of rain from Hurricane Arthur which had gone up off the Atlantic Coast of Florida and was probably off North Carolina or Virginia when this photo was made.

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“First Draft…”

wwwPoster1webThis is my first go at the poster design for the upcoming exhibit. We need three different posters, all about 22×30 inches, printed in black & white. I am greatly enjoying this part of the process. Feel free to comment and offer suggestions. Nothing is ‘cast in stone’ at this point and getting your input would be great! These posters will only be placed at the Arts Center, so directions and address etc is not needed.

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“Old But…”

20140322_5267cyanoportfolioprintweb…new also. I just finished printing this, and it will probably be the last one for my Suwannee River  portfolio. [I know I posted the image, but not this print before.] Having done a bunch of this stuff now, I thought I would summarize some of the technical aspects of my Cyanotype printing. The foundation to my work is of course the digital negative. I have used two different methods of printing them. One is the Color Table method Dan Burkholder describes in his book. Since in digital years, this method is old, it is the more ‘primitive’ one. However, although I did not use it this time around, I think it is a very fine method, and pretty straightforward. For me, it yielded negatives that printed about three times faster under sun exposure, than the ones I am making now, using the Advanced Black & White setting on my Epson R3000 printer. Theoretically those negatives should yield better prints since they are done at the 16 bit setting, and result in a much denser and more detailed digital negative. However, I cannot honestly say that I am seeing it. For chemistry I use the Photographers’ Formulary 07-0091 Liquid Cyanotype Printing Kit. It is working great for me. A few years ago I tried it and was not able to get decent prints, basically they would wash out immediately, no matter what I did. When I switched back to some of the old chemistry I had mixed myself, everything was fine. When I ran out of that and tried the pre-mixed stuff, it worked. I never was able to figure that one out. Paper is the other very important component of this process for me. After trying all sorts of brands, I have settled on Canson Montval, both the 90 lb and 140 lb, cp. I use the lighter stuff for making books, and the heavier paper for portfolio prints. – Developing the prints is of course done in plain tap water. For a while I used white vinegar, to get the prints looking punchy right away, but now I am back to plain tap water, adding a shot of Hydrogen Peroxide about half way through the wash to oxidize the print so it looks like it would after a few days of exposure to the air, but this way I can see right-away what I have got.

I think the tap water plays a vital role in all this. I am fortunate in that we had salt water intrusion in our aquifer [ya, great!!!!], and now our water goes through a reverse osmosis process before it comes out of the tap. I have also found that the Canson paper leaches very little chemistry when it is washed/developed. However, I have noticed that if I dry the paper overnight it does better than if I just give it a couple of hours of drying time.

[Thanks to my friend Captain Diana for inviting  me to come along on one of her adventure tours!]
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I have been invited to participate in an upcoming show. It will be titled The Way We Worked and will be organized and presented by the Cedar Key Arts Center in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institute and Florida Council On Arts and Culture. The above photos I just printed for a friend will surely be part of my portion of the exhibit. I’ll have about 22 feet of wall space, and right now I am trying to decide what to include and how to present it. After the exhibit goes up in September I will post some snapshots of it.

[These photos were made with my manual SLR on Fuji Neopan 1600]

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