“Even The Simple Ones…”

20140322_5283web I am in the process of making some more digital negatives for the Cyanotype book project I wrote about in my previous post. I am just struck by how even the ‘nothing’ photos of the landscape grab me. Don’t know if anybody else feels that way, but I thought I’d post it.

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“A Cyanotype Book?…”

20140412_5525web I am beginning to talk myself into deciding to make  a ‘one off’ [one copy only] stab binding book of Cyanotype prints from my trip to Suwannee with Diana. I don’t think I will do more than twelve prints or so. To ‘test the waters’ I set out to make a bunch of test prints this afternoon. I had two kinds of Arches cp watercolor paper, Arches Cover and Arches 140 lb cp, and I wanted to see how they might work. I am extremely partial to the feel of Arches Cover, and basically my tests this afternoon, because they were kinda sloppy, where somewhat inconclusive. Both papers seemed to work fine, with a slight edge going to the 140 lb paper.

A word about the photos in this post. They are strictly ‘quick and dirty’ snapshots. In the one above, the paper is not completely dry and hence the blueish cast at the bottom & right.

While I like to print my Cyanotypes so that the brush marks show, in doing that for book pages my problem is that I invariably splatter some emulsion on the paper where it should not be, and thus the page is ruined. Making a template to surround the image area helps a bit, but has it own pitfalls, and using drafting tape also has problems, one of them is that I don’t really want a clean edge, and I still manage to splatter outside the tape. One solution might be to ‘paint’ the whole page with emulsion. I did not try that this afternoon.

20140412_5522webHere are some snapshots of my high tech production set-up. First up a shot of the properly exposed [7 minutes full sun] print coming out of the contact printing frame. I keep running across the statement that with Cyanotype prints one can ‘expose by inspection.’ That is, crack open the split back contact printing frame and judge by looking at the print as to whether it is properly exposed or not. After careful consideration I must say that I consider that statement utter nonsense – or perhaps I should say that I have never been able to correctly judge the exposure that way. Next up a couple of prints drying. 20140412_5526webOne in the dish drying rack and a couple on the [cold] stove top.20140412_5523web


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“Sarah Moon “About Colour’…”

Over on the Alternative Photographic Processes blog I ran across the information that Sarah Moon is having an exhibit [nine more days] showing new and older color carbon prints at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London. I have always greatly admired her work and so I want to pass this info on. Some of you might be going to or be in London to see it. There also is a series of videos on youtube  showing how her printer, Tom Gangler makes the color carbon prints. I must admit that the process is a bit beyond my understanding, but found the  videos  still worth watching.

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“Some More Blue Palm Trees…”


20110901_7012cyprintFor some technical blah, blah, blah about digital negatives and Cyanotype printing take a look at the below post or feel free to ask me a question.

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“Suwannee River Delta in Blue…II”





For some technical blah, blah, blah about digital negatives and Cyanotype printing take a look at the below post or feel free to ask me a question.

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