“This Unique Property…”

20141022_6644webThe intrepid bicycle riding photographer – see lower right corner!

[Click on photo to really see the texture in the vegetation.]
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“My Bike…..”

20141021_6758webI know I just recently posted a photo of my bicycle, a Fuji Sagres, and here I am posting another one. I am celebrating coming back from a 20 mile ride this morning. This makes three days in a row that I have ridden 20 miles. From all I can tell this Fuji bike is considered  ‘not much of a bike’ – a starter bike – just not quite the real thing. Well, I have been riding now for about six decades, anything from clunkers to road bikes. I have come to the conclusion that just as with cameras, there is an awful lot of snobbery and technical mambo jumbo going on out there. I have had the Sagres for about 14 years now, I really don’t quite remember what year I bought it; new from our LBS. All this time I have not really taken good care of it, just ridden it, replaced a few tubes and tires, a shifter cable, and oiled some parts now and then. That’s it. From my perspective it has held up spectacularly well, and provides me with a very comfortable ride. This one has a 23 inch frame, I am 6-3 and think it fits me great. I love the flat handlebars and the fact that the stem is articulated. I have always ridden it with 700×35 tires, but now I am getting curious if putting on some 700×32 or 28 size tires on would not make this an even better fit for me. I am only riding on smooth asphalt roads and am not looking for a cross-country or off the road capability. My lesson from all this is that I think we all need to be willing to learn that often good enough is so indeed, and be satisfied with a well crafted bicycle or camera which did not cost us an arm and a leg, but does exactly what we need and want it to do.

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“Liner Magazine….”


 Just now I received an email from Kelly Searle, the Editor in Chief at Liner Magazine, letting me know that photos and text from my WaterWomen work will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine. This is immensely pleasing news. I think  Liner is a very cool publication, and the kind of place where I really like showing my work because I know it will get ‘out into the world’ reaching a much different reader/viewer than the publications in which I have previously shown work. The first image we agreed on immediately is of Jeanine Beckham – a photo she and I did one Sunday morning, off Atsena Otie Key.

0208a-07It is the only posed photo in the selection, and was made with my Holga, and then it almost did not ‘see the light of day.’ When developing the roll, I forgot to put the spindle into the tank, and thus it was no longer light tight, and light leaks ruined almost the entire roll. [I have come to believe that, working in the darkroom, one has to at least make every mistake once]. This negative was damaged too, but with a lot of futzing around a decent print can be made from it.

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“The Great Empty…”

20141013_6635webWhen this was made I had just turned at my ten mile [or so] mark to head back home. This is one of the  areas that make my ride so great.  County Road 347 alongside the Lower Suwannee is beautifully paved, with hardly any traffic on it. Sure the occasional pick-up truck will pass, doing 70 mph, but the drivers never fail to give me a wide berth, usually swinging all the way over into the other lane. The one thing that is missing is a great little café, with fantastic coffee, somewhere along here. Just as well there isn’t one, I would probably spend inordinate amounts of time and money there, taking all day to complete my ride.

CaptureThis morning it was drizzling and windy and I took a break from riding. Looks like we have a cold front moving our way pushing some heavy rain in front of it.

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“Well Kept Secret…”

20141010_6617webYesterday I went to the ‘big city’ to, among other things, get a new battery for my above Yashica Electro 35. Well, my root canal took a lot longer than I had anticipated, so I was happy to just drive home and not do a lot of running around shopping for hard to find items. However, it reminded me that I had been meaning to write a little post about this camera for a while. Since I did photography for almost five decades before I bought my first digital camera, I am now often amused by the gushing posts about analog photography I see. Aside from the gushing they usually show some rather lousy photographs,  badly printed/developed/processed, but that is OK. Back to my Yashica. It has the best lens of any camera I have ever owned – I think my Yashica T4 is not bad either, nor are the Zeiss lenses I have, but this one is really great. The camera is a bit quirky. It is ‘automatic” aperture-priority camera. so you don’t have that much control over the exposures. However, it has a fantastically silent shutter, and I think is a very cool looking rangefinder camera. The even better part of it is that for some reason I has never become a ‘cult’ camera and thus is still ridiculously inexpensive, even for a nice looking and properly functioning model. It is a bit heavy and clunky, but if you are looking for this kind of camera, I would google it and do some research. Personally I think the quality of the negatives and the enjoyment you would get out of the camera easily equals what you would get from a Leica, except for a whole lot less money.

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“Chain Reaction…”

IMG_5312I follow the Calvert Journal  [A Guide to Creative Russia].  As an avid, but not gonzo, bicycle rider I love reading/seeing good posts about all things bicycle. They have a great piece on bicycling in Russia called Chain Reaction – you might want to have a look!


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“Clam Shack…”

20141007_6604Panorama1webStill idle.

That’s the reality of it – I photographed Clam Boogie sitting at Keyshore Aquafarms when I rode by on my morning bicycle ride. Normally they would be out on the Gulf. So, it looks like the Red Tide still has clamming shut down in the area. It must be going on for about a month now that things have been shut down – I don’t even want to think of the hardships resulting from this. I think the last time the Red Tide shut clamming down here was about ten years ago.

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“Oh Yes, There Was An Opening & The Food Won…! :)”




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“Still Idle….”

20141003_6582Panoramaweb…because of  the Red Tide. From what I have heard the ban on claming and oystering will be lifted tomorrow though. Keeping my fingers crossed

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“Here Yesterday…”

20140925_6580web…gone today. At least I did not see them on my ride this morning. The weather has been incredible gorgeous for this time of the year. Morning temperatures with a cool 70 F – I don’t remember encountering such low temperature here in September. Anyhow, I got in three good rides, two 20 milers and one 16 miler. Going out I had a nice headwind of about 11 knots or so, but fortunately it held its direction so that I had a fantastic tailwind coming home all three days. Yesterday they mowed the grass along the country roads and it had this lovely smell of freshly cut grass this morning.


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“The Colors of Claming…”

20140814_6366psbcprintwebI went ahead and upload a color photo to my gallery-store. It is obviously not part of  “The Way We Worked” exhibit, since it is a current photo. One reason I wanted to ‘get it out there’ is that for two about two weeks now claming and oystering off Cedar Key have been shut down due to the Red Tide., obviously having a tremendous negative impact on the whole community, and particularly those who are out of work. It’s tough…..


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“Our Library…”

20140911_6558web…with the Smithsonian’s The Way We Worked sign. Getting to be very ‘up-town!’ That’s City Hall on the right. I always think it is nice to live in a town where the Library is bigger than City Hall.

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“Poster Prints…’


 [Jeanine Beckam and her crew oysterplanting]


[Mike Davis and Daryl Fine - Last Day at the Fish-House]

A couple of days ago I printed these posters on 13×19 Ultra Pro Satin, with a slightly warm Epson Advanced Black & White setting – which does not show in the photos above. As far as I am concerned, they came out looking gorgeous, so I am making them available in my gallery store.

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“They Are Up…”

20140914_6567webHenry put up the posters and the opening is this weekend. So, let the crowds stream in! :) The exhibit will be up and open during our annual Seafood Festival – so there actually is a chance that ‘the crowds will stream in’ – – if nothing else but to use the bathroom!

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ScreenShotBigCartelwebThis is a screen shot of how my gallery-store is shaping up. Although I still need to make some fixes to it I decided to keep it ‘on-air.’ One of the opening receptions for the exhibit is tomorrow and I wanted to have a way to offer prints to people who were interested, and not have to scribble their names on tiny pieces of paper which I would be sure to lose.

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