Lumen Portrait II..


I have realized that the funkiness of the lumen process allows me to use some of my more funky images and so I am having a good converting them to lumen prints.  A different paper this time!

[Digital neg contact printed onto 5×7 ILFORD Multigrade IV, RC Delux, Satine – about 4 minutes of full sun exposure.]

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to Lumen Portrait II..

  1. Beautiful Christian, i have made a couple of prints but nothing as wonderful as this. i’m intrigued by the selection process for a suitable negative

  2. Hi Brendan – many thanks! I just got started on this, have tried three different papers and they all behave quite differently. I had been using my Cyanotype digital negs and they work- but I am beginning to think I really have to watch out and pull back on the highlights or they will blow out. Also, I am punching them up a bit in PS – don’t process them at all. A friend who does gorgeous plant/flower contact prints says she has not found a suitable fixer and also just stores them in a black box.
    As soon as I get a bit more organized I will get going on Cyanotypes again – for me they really are the cat’s meow in the digital age.

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