Strictly a concept….

splashI feel the need for developing a new, cleaner website. Here is my ‘shorthand’ three page concept. My thought is that I want the site to be clean, and with minimal content, just a few images from several portfolios. That kind of thing. If you click on the above it will take you to the site, and if you then click on that page it will take you to the contents page with, so far, only one concept portfolio listed. The portfolio is a ‘slideshow’ that you need to scroll by swiping each image. It is not explained anywhere. My assumption is that viewers are savvy enough now to figure that out. -oh, and I am only using my first and middle name  for the site.

I would love your feedback – many thanks!index

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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8 Responses to Strictly a concept….

  1. Dave says:

    I think it’s a great start! I like the idea of a portfolio page. I’m not sure about the yellow background.
    You need an “About” page with how to reach you, what you’re doing and how to purchase stuff.
    There needs to be a clear way to navigate back to the main portfolio page or other pages from within the slideshow.

  2. Yes, thank you so much Dave – absolutely. I was just wondering how viewers felt about the seize of the images and the slides.
    On the yellow background – I can hardly see that, I guess it depends on the monitor and I need to check that out some more.

    Again – a million thanks!

  3. Lori M-I says:

    The name change caught me a bit off guard. I hyphenated my last name to create a connection between the signatures on my work pre marriage/post marriage. Are you at all worried about people not being able to make that connection for your full catlogue?

    • Hi Lori – my apologies for taking this long to respond. We moved, and packing, moving, unpacking got me a bit off my routine. Well, the name change, if I stick with it, is so that I can create a bit of privacy around myself in this overexposed world. I am thinking of creating this new version to present to anybody interested in my work without having to have a facebook like website. Living in an extremely tiny town, things get a bit oppressive at times. Ah – not very well put, but that’s what I am wrestling with…

      • Lori M-I says:

        Hope your move went well. I live in a very small place as well-couple of stop signs really- so privacy is always a struggle. I suppose you won’t know how things will go brand-wise with a different name unless/until you try it. =)

  4. bbylois says:

    looking forward , seems good .

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