It is totally embarrassing…


20150422_7825web20150422_7826web20150422_7827web20150422_7828web20150422_7831web…to say how long I have been working on and off on this tri-fold project. A couple of days ago I finished this, the first complete proof. As I have noted before, I stole the design from a Chanel ad piece that was included with my Vanity Fair subscription. I modified it by adding another page and making it bigger to accommodate 8.5×11 inch sheets of photo paper.

The tri-fold consist of an 11.25×26 inch pieces of Arches Cover and two sheets of 32lb Premium Matte 2 Sided Red River inkjet paper.

I  printed all of it on my Epson R3000. I think the folder is a really neat design that could accommodate a vast variety of photo/writing projects.

Of course since putting it all together, I discovered a bunch of typos and other mistakes, and I am not sure I like some of the fonts I used – but that is why one makes these artist’s proofs, n’est pas!

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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