20150320_7696PanoramanikwebI got off my bicycle to make this photo – it is ‘off the beaten path’ on the mainland. In 1861 the cross Florida railroad from Fernandina went this way, now it is just a disused spur off SR 24. So it’s been 150 years or so since the railroad was built on this same piece of ground, and every now and then a spike from the old, narrow gauge, track pokes through the pavement, and I swear I can see the outline of tracks under the broken asphalt surface of the road. I have mentioned it before, I love the North Florida landscape, and this ‘nothing’ piece of it is why. I doubt anybody passing this way gives the scene a second glance. A few yards down the road some idiots have been dumping trash and the parcel of land on which this site sits has been ‘For Sale’ forever. – So, move along folks, nothing to see here!

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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