“Southern Road…”



 I decided to start another blog with only photos from my walks [without cations or text], and bicycle/car rides. The vast majority of them will be made within a few miles of my home.. While I will also post some of them on this blog or my web site, I wanted a place where they were not set off against my other work which goes quer durch den Gemüse Garten that is, meanders through the veggie patch [pretty rough translation].

At first glance these photos might appear to belong to the ‘deadpan’ school of photography. However, I am not really a fan of that genre, and as bland as these photos are, for me they are loaded with symbolism and atmosphere which the viewer may or may not sense.

All the photos posted above were made on my ride this morning, it was then that I was inspired to start this project, it is nothing earth shattering. I am simply out of wall space to hang prints, and I wanted to have a project that did not depend on other people. Also, I actually do like digital photography, and photographing while riding a bicycle, or driving a car, or simply walking, using a small digital camera, opens up a lot of possibilities that were closed to me when I was using an all manual SLR with b&w film.

Feel free to follow this new blog. Postings to it will be rather sporadic, but I am looking forward to working on the project.



About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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