“Portraits Are Up…”


If anybody would care to look, my portrait pages are up on my website. Comments/feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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3 Responses to “Portraits Are Up…”

  1. bbylois says:

    Chris , dear chris . What can I say . I took my time and look at each work seperately over and over . I made also a quick shots and look them in black background . All with a great pleasure and with respect to you and to your work. Powerful and gentle and sensual brought , that tension is remaining important and even a learning for me. In addition I like that you experiment with different styles . Not many are doing this in one series, so keep this, I might say. If I met you now, I ll never will give a comment, who am I !. But I found some aspect to be commented. If you allow me , and you make it not easy for me to say this .
    The last image , for me it does not fit in this series , it breaks the sensuality and other aspects . it is too sweet and too, how can I say as maybe , too posed. But that is only me, Chris.
    My favor one is the one which look like a old negative. I like this image. Maybe I feel some history and that triggers always for me a kind of respect. But Chris, the marks below the image, they are forcing me to look at a kind of filter. This is maybe because we are over floated by ‘filtered’ images nowadays. Therefore , my comment . However It might be biased because I don’t like that aspect.
    You know that i like your Cyanotype , They are perfect because it brings something more. I don’t know but that was always my believe. For me , only one is enough to act as a kind of mental break when you set up a series. I assume you get rid of the “tumb” and ” home” hyperlinks in the middle of the image , :)

    Hope that helps , but if not …. naah it will :)

    best wishes my friend

    bart .

  2. Dave says:

    the portraits are wonderful, as always!

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