“Once More…Colors of Clamming….”

colorofclammingMy apologies for posting this again. I went ahead and incorporated the two pages into my website. I would appreciate any feed-back or hear of any problems you might be encountering when viewing these two pages. I have learned that no matter how much I check and double check on my end, there are always some digital gremlins that can sneak up on me and mess things up.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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4 Responses to “Once More…Colors of Clamming….”

  1. Lori M-I says:

    They worked fine for me. As an observation the spacing with the three images struck me as unbalanced on the front page. I realize that was to leave room for the links to “Content” and “Home” but the resulting alignment made be feel like something was just a bit “off”. =)

    • Thank you again Lori – I know I would have sat there for ages and said to myself ‘that just does not look quite right’ without figuring out what the problems was. – So, yes, many thanks!

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