“Cloud Cover…”

20141108_6916Panorama4webWhen I rode past the saw mill this morning there was a cloud cover, which meant I would be able to photograph the set-up head on. Since it faces southward the sun is usually at such an angle that I pick up too much glare in my lens. Again, I fully intended to make this into a b&w print but ended up leaving it in color. As a photographer I should be able to articulate what draws me to these color and geometric shapes, but I really can’t.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “Cloud Cover…”

  1. bbylois says:

    hello Chris , You moved me a bit nicely with you comment on that image. Maybe because we are following each other for a long time. But Chris , is that not the reason why we are artist ? The way you brought in these elements into this composition tells for me at least the why you did it. All items are positioned naturally but you saw the balance of al these items. If this impression is true , I have to tell you that the only aspect what is disturbing me a little about this feeling, is the left upper corner. The tree is cut of abruptly in comparison the natural symmetry you saw in that image. Even the colors are part of that symmetry. Again , I could be wrong but I love this image because you made it look natural instead of forcing to put the elements artificially. That counts for me in my opinion. bart

    • Hi Bart – it is absolutely great to hear from you. I truly appreciate your always thoughtful comments and feedback. Ya, the tree bothers me too. I have to go back to the basic file and see if there isn’t a bit more sky I inadvertently cut when I put the border around the image.- I hope you are doing well and when I think about photography you are never far away. All my best wishes – c

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