“A Couple of Clichés…”


20141025_6781webYesterday a deer was standing right in front of me in the road, and I thought I had gotten a couple of good photographs of it before it disappeared into the woods, but even my fast little Sony was not able to focus and get a good light reading in that short of a time. So, no photos of a deer on the road. This morning I was determined to come back with a couple of interesting photos, and invariably fell back on some southern back country road clichés that I don’t even ‘see’ anymore, but thought might be of interested to those of you not living on this part of the continent. Lines of mail boxes by the side of the road usually make for interesting photos because of the huge variety of combinations of colors and shapes they present. The highway signs with rifle/shotgun holes in them are also still pervasive around here. I used to be amused by them, but given what is going on these days, I am no longer amused. At least the ‘School Zone’ sign in town does not have holes in it anymore – hopefully it will stay that way.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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