“My Bike…..”

20141021_6758webI know I just recently posted a photo of my bicycle, a Fuji Sagres, and here I am posting another one. I am celebrating coming back from a 20 mile ride this morning. This makes three days in a row that I have ridden 20 miles. From all I can tell this Fuji bike is considered  ‘not much of a bike’ – a starter bike – just not quite the real thing. Well, I have been riding now for about six decades, anything from clunkers to road bikes. I have come to the conclusion that just as with cameras, there is an awful lot of snobbery and technical mambo jumbo going on out there. I have had the Sagres for about 14 years now, I really don’t quite remember what year I bought it; new from our LBS. All this time I have not really taken good care of it, just ridden it, replaced a few tubes and tires, a shifter cable, and oiled some parts now and then. That’s it. From my perspective it has held up spectacularly well, and provides me with a very comfortable ride. This one has a 23 inch frame, I am 6-3 and think it fits me great. I love the flat handlebars and the fact that the stem is articulated. I have always ridden it with 700×35 tires, but now I am getting curious if putting on some 700×32 or 28 size tires on would not make this an even better fit for me. I am only riding on smooth asphalt roads and am not looking for a cross-country or off the road capability. My lesson from all this is that I think we all need to be willing to learn that often good enough is so indeed, and be satisfied with a well crafted bicycle or camera which did not cost us an arm and a leg, but does exactly what we need and want it to do.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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