“The Great Empty…”

20141013_6635webWhen this was made I had just turned at my ten mile [or so] mark to head back home. This is one of the  areas that make my ride so great.  County Road 347 alongside the Lower Suwannee is beautifully paved, with hardly any traffic on it. Sure the occasional pick-up truck will pass, doing 70 mph, but the drivers never fail to give me a wide berth, usually swinging all the way over into the other lane. The one thing that is missing is a great little café, with fantastic coffee, somewhere along here. Just as well there isn’t one, I would probably spend inordinate amounts of time and money there, taking all day to complete my ride.

CaptureThis morning it was drizzling and windy and I took a break from riding. Looks like we have a cold front moving our way pushing some heavy rain in front of it.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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