“Well Kept Secret…”

20141010_6617webYesterday I went to the ‘big city’ to, among other things, get a new battery for my above Yashica Electro 35. Well, my root canal took a lot longer than I had anticipated, so I was happy to just drive home and not do a lot of running around shopping for hard to find items. However, it reminded me that I had been meaning to write a little post about this camera for a while. Since I did photography for almost five decades before I bought my first digital camera, I am now often amused by the gushing posts about analog photography I see. Aside from the gushing they usually show some rather lousy photographs,  badly printed/developed/processed, but that is OK. Back to my Yashica. It has the best lens of any camera I have ever owned – I think my Yashica T4 is not bad either, nor are the Zeiss lenses I have, but this one is really great. The camera is a bit quirky. It is ‘automatic” aperture-priority camera. so you don’t have that much control over the exposures. However, it has a fantastically silent shutter, and I think is a very cool looking rangefinder camera. The even better part of it is that for some reason I has never become a ‘cult’ camera and thus is still ridiculously inexpensive, even for a nice looking and properly functioning model. It is a bit heavy and clunky, but if you are looking for this kind of camera, I would google it and do some research. Personally I think the quality of the negatives and the enjoyment you would get out of the camera easily equals what you would get from a Leica, except for a whole lot less money.

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4 Responses to “Well Kept Secret…”

  1. Dave says:

    I picked one up off eBay once, not knowing how big it was. I couldn’t get used to it. I am enjoying using my Canon QL17 which is similarly automated and much smaller. If you ever need a Yashica repaired, Mark Hama in Georgia is your man!

  2. Thanks Dave – good to know. Well, for seize and convenience I really like my T4.

  3. Cool looking camera and like the sound of, or lack of sound of, the shutter. As you say, Leica charged an awful lot of money for silent shutters…so good for people reportage. I’ve sold all my analogue cameras…wish I’d kept my Sinar Norma 5×4.

  4. Hey Roger – thanks for your comment. – none of my film cameras are fancy enough to sell, so I still have them! :) I can understand your feelings about the Sinar. From a purely technical – not from an æsthetic or sentimental standpoint – you might be interested in this article, if you have not already seen it.


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