“Perry, FL…”

20140812_6167webYesterday I had to drive to Tallahassee, and as usual I stopped at the Burger King in Perry. There is no Starbucks or other coffee shop on the entire 150 mile route, so this has to do. When my wife was commuting back and forth she would always take a morning photograph here, documenting her trip. I did not want to copy her project so I made this semi landscape photo from the parking lot, including the top of my car and cup of coffee. Even if you are ‘from around here’ I think this is still a pretty exotic landscape.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “Perry, FL…”

  1. drawandshoot says:

    It does look exotic – those trees dripping with moss are so gorgeous.

  2. Thanks Karen – I always find it ironic when you find these patches of gorgeous scenery midst asphalt parking lots and ugly highways and strip-malls.

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