“Cyanotype Portfolio II…”

20140322_5325cyportfoliowebI made this print yesterday for my portfolio. Same info and technical detail as the previous post.I am puzzled by the slightly different color cast. I guess it could have to do with my wash times, although I thought I was being pretty careful with keeping them constant. Go figure. It does not bother me. It is just one of those interesting things that pop up when doing these prints. What is driving me nuts is trying to get the scans to look exactly like the print in front of me.When I am working with it in Nik filters after scanning, it will look ok. Then I open it in Photoshop and it will look differently. So, I fix it, then I upload it to the blog and it will look different again. Even when I go from Draft to Preview in WP it will change slightly. So, I have no idea as to how it will look on your monitor. – I am having a good time with these though! :)

[Thanks to my friend Captain Diana for inviting  me to come along on one of her adventure tours!]

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “Cyanotype Portfolio II…”

  1. The print looks superb on my monitor, Christian! I have the same problem when scanning prints, it’s certainly not easy getting it right.

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