“Home From Orlando…”

20140610_5708web Driving to and from the Orlando airport is one of those things we need to do once or twice a year. For me it is usually an occasion to froth at the mouth over the ridiculous transportation system in Florida, and the US in general. For decades – it seems – there was heavy construction constantly on the main traffic arteries to the airport, and the contractors seemed in no hurry to complete whatever it was they were doing. In addition, the way we have to come is via toll road, the closer one got to the airport, the more toll booths there seemed to be, complete with ridiculous requirements to quickly merge across umpteen lanes of traffic to catch the exit to the airport. As bad as getting there always seemed to me, leaving was even worse, and every time my heart went out to the person who had landed there for the first time, and then had to rent a car to get where they wanted to go, and then attempt to follow the directions out of the airport. You’d think that in Orlando they would have prominent signs that said things like ‘Disney World,’ ‘Miami,’ ‘Tampa,’ …Oh no, it’s ‘West 529,’ and other mystery highway numbers that only a well versed local would know where they lead. Of course there is no light rail or other good public transportation system in place. — I think I better stop.
Anyhow, I made this picture a few days ago, as we were heading back home. The sky was actually much more colorful than the photo shows, but on the other hand, it pretty much reflects my attitude towards having to drive to Orlando.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “Home From Orlando…”

  1. Great shot, but I’m glad I wasn’t on that road!

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