“The Hub…”

20140528_5647nikv…no more. Last night we went for some ice-cream and set on a bench across from our post office. Looking across the street, now emptied of the hordes of tourists who have been descending on us for some strange reason, the Post Office looked much like is has for decades. Never a good looking building, I was told it originally was a dry cleaner, it looks even more forlorn and sad these days. Back in the pre-email days it was one of our social hubs. Almost ‘everybody’ came down in the late mornings to get their mail. We did not have home delivery. Some of the more isolated souls would pick up their mail, and then stand outside to socialize, and get a few hugs from acquaintances. It was one of the ‘glues’ that held small towns all across the country together. A bunch of us would also sit on the few benches on this side of the street, have our coffee and chat. All that has gone – so I was motivated to make this ‘dead-pan’ photo. At first I was tempted to ‘dial-up’ the contrast, colors and details. I ended up with a rather charming photo. Then I decided to ‘dial-back’ everything and try and stick with the view and the atmosphere that was actually in front of me.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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