“Cyanotype and paper…”

I have been doing an awful lot of vacillating, waiting, and hemming and hawing over what paper to use for my Cyanotype projects. A while back I settled on using Canson Montval, cold press, watercolor paper. Of course there is the 90lb/185 gsm paper and the 140 lb paper from which to choose. I ordered, and have ten sheets of the 90 lb paper, but then went out and bought a 9×12 inch  pad of the 140 lb paper, shown above. Although my printing frame is only an 8×10 inch frame, it accepts the 9×12 inch paper, just putting a fold in the last inch or so, when I lock it down in the frame. So, I thought I would use it to make my books, since that crease in the paper would be hidden in the Japanese stab binding. Then I realized that once the prints were washed, dried, and pressed between my stack of books [Jean Lout Sieff, Deborah Turbeville’s The Fashion Pictures, and Case No Name, Stieglitz and The Photo-Secession, 1902, and John Dugdale’s Lengthening Shadows Before Nightfall] the crease no longer showed.

This clarified my thoughts on which paper to use for what. The 90 lb stuff will be used for making books, the paper just feels right for book pages. The 140 lb paper I will use to make editioned sets of Cyanotype prints, either in a clamshell portfolio or in my corrugated cardboard style portfolio case. I think that Kraft paper/ corrugated cardboard look is more my style. I just need to get a hold of some thin corrugated cardboard stock that I can run it through my printer.


About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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