“Sarah Moon “About Colour’…”

Over on the Alternative Photographic Processes blog I ran across the information that Sarah Moon is having an exhibit [nine more days] showing new and older color carbon prints at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London. I have always greatly admired her work and so I want to pass this info on. Some of you might be going to or be in London to see it. There also is a series of videos on youtube  showing how her printer, Tom Gangler makes the color carbon prints. I must admit that the process is a bit beyond my understanding, but found the  videos  still worth watching.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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5 Responses to “Sarah Moon “About Colour’…”

  1. Was just there, wish I’d known. I love the look of this print…

  2. I remember Sarah Moon’s work so well. I loved the look but was amazed that she got away with it commercially. In a fashion shot, like the one on your post, the details of the garments would be credited with their price and source….however, you couldn’t really see them. You bought Sarah Moon’s look…cool.

  3. Well, I think that is always the interesting thing in the art and especially the photography world when the rules ‘must be adhered too’ until they are not. From my way of thinking the same thing is now happening with cell-phone photos. Also, do you remember when David Burnett did those great Holga photos from the campaign trail?

  4. Nita McGrew says:

    Oh isn’t that just so lovely!

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