20140206_5086web This is the most photographed thing around here. There are probably already 539 zillion too many photos of it out there, so I photographed it again this morning because I thought the Gulf and the sky looked interesting. In ‘tourist lingo’ this is/was the Honeymoon Cottage,” which it never was. It was the Thomas’ guest house. Mr. Thomas’ wife was nicknamed Honey and so things eventually morphed in to Honeymoon. The winter storm which passed through here a few weeks ago was enough to take the sides of the little house down, and now these pilings are all that remains. I have heard some talk of trying to rebuild parts of it to give tourists something to photograph, but hopefully that will not come to pass.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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12 Responses to “Gone…”

  1. Dave says:

    I guess that’s for the new post cards you’ll be publishing! lol
    One of my favorite photos is of sea-gulls flying around the pilings for a light house that burned down years ago.

    • Hey Dave – well I think I will continue to lay off the postcards for a while – how are your going?

      • Dave says:

        I bought 5 new designs on some super year end sales. I’m having fun writing them out and sending them to folks. I know I like getting stuff in the mail. In this internet/digital age, having to write something down send it out and wait three days for it to arrive is such a forgotten pleasure.

  2. bbylois says:

    Gone but not completely went away if I can see now . Wierd isn’t it that we photographers believe that creating tourist attractions in such beauty scenery is an act of mental or beauty attack . On the other hand it is upto the tourists to judge if this is lure or commercial drive can be accepted or not . When it is not , it will be probably a one time event. But maybe with some good advice and common sense , it could be even more attractive. The future will tell its outcome .

    • Hey Bart – well I hope and think it won’t get ‘rebuilt.’ For one thing it would probably be against FEMA regulations, and if I had a house along the water there, I would scream bloody murder if they rebuilt because structures such as this one pose a real danger during hurricanes when they come apart and turn into battering rams.

  3. cecilia says:

    We had an old lighthouse like that out from the beach in NZ, my mother painted it from the bedroom window a number of times. Once it was gone in a storm it stayed gone. she made good money on the paintings though! Lovely shot.. c

  4. Beautiful light, nice picture….we have similar houses on stilts in the Bay of Arcachon, south of Bordeaux. They were originally the homes of the “gardiens” who watched over the oyster and mussel beds.

    • Ah, sounds like you had a bit of a poaching problem there too. We did for a while and they stationed some guards out on a houseboat and ran patrol boats, but I think the problems has mostly gone away!

  5. I say leave it “as-is”.. beautiful photo!

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