“Upsidedown and Backwards…”

16page20110814_6730web2 …or something like that. Printing and binding a books to me is like film photography – I have to make every mistake imaginable at least once before that light-bulb goes off in my head. With film it was things like opening the camera back without rewinding the film, not putting the spindle into the film developing tank, and on and on….

16page20110814_6730webUnlike with the other books I have done previously, here I am using a variety of photo placements and seizes. I also am not using inkjet paper, but drawing paper, which does not have quite the seizing quality control that inkjet and photographic papers have. So, when printing a photo like the one above that is borderless and covers only a portion of the page, I found that I need to flip my image 180 degrees so that, when the paper goes through my Epson printer where the left side of the image prints first, the printing needs to start with the borderless part of the photo, otherwise, if the paper is only minutely larger than 8×10 inches, I get a small white border at the leading edge. – clear as mud – I am sure! :)  Anyhow, just one of the reason why undertaking this project is quite a challenge, but assuredly still fun!

Of course inkjet prints do not need drying like silver gelatin prints do. However, I often like20131211_4804web to give them some ‘room to breathe’ – often they just feel a bit wet, and I don’t want to handle them much till they dry down a bit. We have a bunch of wooden trivets with slots in them, so I started drafting them to act as simple drying racks, works quite well.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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