“T Magazine & Deborah Needleman..”

Many moons ago, before the internet, I mailed my portfolio of silver gelatin prints to Deborah Needleman, who was then the photo editor at Men’s Magazine, or was it Outside? In due course, the portfolio was returned to me with a kind and generous note by Ms. Needleman. I never got any assignments out of this exchange, but always treasured her note. I thought it was a classy, kind and professional way of dealing with the photographers who crossed her path. Anyhow, it seems that she has been the Editor in Chief of the New York Times’ T Magazine for a while now. Since I subscribe to the Sunday edition of the NYT the arrival of a new T Magazine is always something I look forward to, and I hang onto them for quite a while after I get rid of the other parts of the paper. This week’s cover features a classy black and white portrait by Karim Sadli, the kind of photo that catches my eye, and renews my belief in photography. Thanks!

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “T Magazine & Deborah Needleman..”

  1. I’ve been following posts from the Citizens of Fashion – http://thecitizensoffashion.com/ – which, aside from the fashionista madness, has some wonderful stuff by Annie Liebowitz, Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindbergh et al.

    • Thanks for the tip Roger. – I agree – you always get a bit of over the top madness thrown in. As long as there is a good balance, I don’t mind, and it looks like you don’t either

      PS> Peter Lindberg is one of my absolute favorites!

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