“I Am Digging Deep…”

020617-17nikweb…into my archives to come up with a good cover photo for another stab binding book. Nancy McCrary, the editor of South by Southeast Photomagazine let me know that images from my WaterWomen documentary photo essay will be in their November/December issue. So, although I am still working on my book with the pinhole images [I ran out of Light Light Black ink for my printer] I thought it might be fun to start working up a small edition of five books with photos from that essay, and have them ready when the magazine is published.
So, right now I am trying to figure out which photo to use on the cover. This is one of my candidates. It is about twelve years old and shows Jeanine [on the left] and her crew oyster planting off Cedar Key. The original was shot with Neopan 1600 and a red filter, so it is extremely contrasty, and a bit on the grainy side, but I think it might work.

[This picture was taken in August. So the temperature out there was probably around 110 degrees Farenheit in the sun, with about 95 percent humidity]

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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