“Frames From The Edge: Helmut Newton (1988) …”

…as they say nowadays this is NSFW. If you are a photographer or interested in photography you have certainly come across Newton’s work.

Newton died almost ten years ago – hard to believe the time has gone so fast. His work has had, and is having an enormous impact on photography and our culture. Whether the mention of his name makes you scream and want to bonk him over the head, or whether you are a fan of his, this video – which surely must have been a film original – is an extremely interesting peak into his work and our the popular culture at the time.

I thought the title of the documentary might have come from the movie Postcards from the Edge.  However that did not come out till 1990. So, if you you have the time, tune in for an hour of the history of photography! :)

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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5 Responses to “Frames From The Edge: Helmut Newton (1988) …”

  1. bbylois says:

    thank you for sharing

  2. Love Helmut Newton. Such sly wit.

  3. Loved his pictures but hated his rationale, mainly because rationales are usually stuck on, as a codicil, long after the shutter has stopped clicking. He liked sexy girls and took great pics of them…no more than that.

    • Well, the way I understood his explanations, he would totally agree with you. My pea brain won’t let me recall the exact words he said, but I do think he said that a couple of times.
      I had to smile at the seamless flow of much of the dialog from English to German to French with absolutely no attempt at translation. Very understated ‘sophistication’ assuming that the viewer would be fluent in those three languages.

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