“Roger Made Me Do It…”


…well, he did NOT actually MAKE me do it, he just inspired me with his post in which he described making “A thin cake of potatoes and parmesan.”  My mouth had started watering the minute I saw it. His posts usually do that to me. I am a lover of fried potatoes and egg, and so I was naturally drawn to his recipe. I had made a version of the potatoes before, but had not had any in a long time. So, like Roger I found myself alone at home tonight and dinner time fast approaching.  By the time I got started cooking I was already hungry so I made several shortcuts in fixing the dish. I don’t have a mandolin to thin cut the potato, so I did the best I could and then cooked it by a combination of frying, baking and broiling the potatoes. While that saved me a bit of time, it also, shall we say, made my potatoes a bit ‘crisper’ or burnt, if you must know.Anyhow just like making bread, you can;’t really mess this dish up, and it was delicious.

20131006_4193nikcwebJust as Roger describes in his article, I was also making some food for tomorrow. From some left over pasta and beans I mad a quick fritata that hopefully will taste better than the leftover pasta and will also make some good ‘road food’ for tomorrow. Tropical storm Karen seems to have disappeared , and so the road trips we need to make should be pretty straight forward.

This  morning we got out, coffee cups in hand, and walked down the Cemetery Point boardwalk which is right by the house. It is a wonderful little park, and even at low tide the view across the marshes and water is gorgeous, and we are looking forward to cooler weather which is due to arrive about the middle of next week.20131006_4183nikcweb


About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “Roger Made Me Do It…”

  1. Looks like you got it right, Christian. Love that view across the marshes and water. It’s interesting that the nearby Marais Poitevin ( the old marshes that border the Atlantic) have very similar views. Could be home from home. Nice post.

  2. Well thank you Roger – it was delicious!
    I think it is interesting how locales in completely different parts of the world can be so similar in appearance and mood.

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