“A Cooler Day…”

20130927_4127panoweb ..because a cold front passed through and we are getting some cooler weather a bit earlier than normal. The lows dipped just below 70 degrees F on our front porch, so that almost ranks a ‘cold’ here this time of the year. With the front came some strong northerly winds, which I really have to ‘lean into’ as I bicycle north out of town on Route 24. Of course, the pay off comes on the way back when I can fly down the road and feel super strong and full of energy…ha! A tail wind will do that to you. On my ride I go across “No. 4” which is a name for this part of the coast that dates back to before Florida was a state. The territory was broken down into a whole bunch of rather arbitrary rectangular  Military Districts, and this one was No. 4 – a name which still sticks, and is usually applied to the bridge that runs across the Gulf here. I am posting this photos because it is an ordinary one and I think it pretty much conveys how gorgeous the area can look. I purposely desaturated the colors and tried to have the photo resemble the landscape as much as possible. Too bad the old Agfa color film isn’t around any more.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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One Response to “A Cooler Day…”

  1. “Ordinary” is so often used as a demeaning adjective…..not so, with this picture..

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