“A Second One…”

20130905_4045nikweb I finally got the chance to finish my ‘do over’ of the Japanese Stab Binding book, I had messed up the first time, by binding one page in backwards. This time I miraculously avoided that problem, and so far have not found a mistake – keeping my fingers crossed.
20130905_4044nikcwebAs with the first book, I had a bit of trouble threading the waxed linen thread. For my taste the eyes of these needles are just a bit too small. I think they are probably designed for binding book signatures with a thinner thread. I sure don’t know what they mean by ‘blunted’ point on the package. To me the point seems as sharp as that of any sewing needle, but I am no expert. Anyhow, I think some sail makers needles would work better. I used to have some, but probably lost them a long time ago. To make threading the thread through the book pages easier, I drilled  the holes a bit bigger, last time I had to use a pair of pliers to pull the needle through on the second pass. I do think that using an electric drill is the way to go unless the book consists of just a few pages, half a dozen or so.20130905_4047nikcweb This time I also used 8×10 inch inter-leaven pages which thus are smaller than the 8.5×11 inch pages on which the photos are printed. I think it makes for easier handling when turning the pages. Of course, things are not perfect , it is a handmade book by a pretty clumsy guy after all. So, the stitches are not exactly even, and there are other imperfections, that

20130905_4048nikcwebI write off as being the mark of a handmade object.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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7 Responses to “A Second One…”

  1. Dave says:

    Hand made should look hand made. I like it!

    • As long as it looks ‘elegant’ – but you are right & I think I kept it looking good.

      Again, a million thanks for that fabulous postcard – I love the touch of color you sneak into your images – at least I imagine they are touches of color!

  2. simon0252 says:

    Looks superb. Will be giving this a go myself. Thanks for the information on how to go about this.

  3. bbylois says:

    No worry about the stitches , handmade as was said by dave should be handmade. it makes it personal and unique and above all the cover becomes a part of your work and art.

  4. drawandshoot says:

    I think it’s more beautiful with slight imperfections – you can see the handcrafting.
    Very nice!

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