“The Story of W.G.Sebald’s photographs…”

Austerlitz (by SourcePhotoFilms)

I am a great fan of W. G. Sebald’s writings. However, I have always been puzzled by the photographs in his books, and their relationship to the text. Sometimes it was obvious, but often I felt like I was not ‘getting it.’ So this wonderful, low key video was a great find for me.

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Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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3 Responses to “The Story of W.G.Sebald’s photographs…”

  1. Having enjoyed “Walden” so much, I shall have to read Sebald’s “Austerlitz”. I’m relying on you for my reading list:)

  2. Thanks Roger – I must caution you that Sebald may not be ‘every body’s cup of tea.’ I do think his writing is top-notch and with me it resonated because here was a German writer, living and writing in England, dealing with WWII and post war German issues……..

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