“Every Once In A While…”

DSC06202nikcahbweb…I find myself defending McDonald’s. That’s because I have been around so long that I well remember traveling up and down the East Coast before the days of the Interstate and McDonald’s – when you paid your money, and took your chances and most of the time got screwed when you stopped along the way to have something to eat at a ‘Mom and Pop’ restaurant. When McDonald’s first came along I knew where every one of them between Jacksonville, NC and Jacksonville, Fl  was. And I was always glad to stop there and spend my money, knowing in advance what the food would be like, and not be afraid of getting an upset stomach. Along that part of the East Coast they were probably also the first, or among the first, businesses who would have an integrated workforce and not have up signs that said ‘We reserve the right to refuse to serve……’
The photo is of the highway going through Perry, Florida. It’s from my ‘archives’ and I just reworked it a bit. Working on it I realized that I had several ‘McDonald’ photos I like, but they are not easy to find in my clutter of photo folders; need to pull them together some day!

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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