“Confused by feedly…”

CaptureFullArticleThis is an administrative note. For the past several years I have been getting most of my news and following blogs by using the RSS feed with Google Reader. As you may know, they shut this down on the first of this month, and a lot of happy users of the service were left scrambling looking for an alternative. I ran across some rather glowing and favorable reviews of a substitute called feedly and I ‘migrated’ my Google Reader data to it. Although I have been using the service for several moths now, I simply cannot figure out how to get comfortable with it. Some of this may be my fault, but I also think the program still has a lot of bugs in it and gets tinkered with on a daily basis, confusing me with new issues every time I try to follow my favorite blogs or catch up on my news sources.

The reason I am writing about this is to apologize to those of you whose blogs I have closely followed in the past and now seem to be disregarding. Please bear with me till I figure out my ‘post Google Reader’ digital ‘reading flow.’

I was going to include a link to feedly in this note, but right now can’t even get them up on the internet – ‘nough said.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “Confused by feedly…”

  1. Dave says:

    I have several groups of websites I follow set up in folders in Firefox. I can hit a button to open all in tabs and all 15 in a group will pop open at once. It’s not as nice as a reader, but its easier to focus on small groups than to try to check 100 blogs or whatever in a feeder.

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