“Can You Say Humidity?….”


This is the scene that greeted me at about 7:30 this morning as I pulled into the university parking garage. It was sunny outside, there was no fog, and yet the humidity was so high that it looked like the heavens had opened up and angles were about to descend. All the time I have pulled in here to park, I had never seen anything like it. We have had consistently heavy rains for the last few weeks, what I would call normal Tallahassee summer weather, so the humidity is extremely high and I guess that’s what caused this ‘movie special effects’ scene.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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3 Responses to “Can You Say Humidity?….”

  1. Fantastic picture, Christian. The lesson is – always have a camera with you.

  2. Thank you Roger & you are absolutely right – that is why I really love my little Sony waterproof camera, it really slides in and out of any size pocket, and I don’t have to baby it & it takes rather fine pictures.

  3. Is there a spaceship landing? What a great shot.

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