“Pray That God Would Show His Mercy…”

20130503_0992 nikcweb
This past weekend I drove to CK for a short visit.It had been raining across northern Florida for a few days, and I would probably encounter some rain also. While I usually don’t like driving in the really heavy downpours that Florida weather can produce, I was looking forward to some overcast skies, as a break from the clear blue skies, under which it can be tricky at times to photograph. I knew that once I got where I was going, I would probably not do much photography, so I was determined to to photograph on the way, while driving. I have been doing my 19/98 photography for a while now, and was determined to come back from this short trip with a suite of images that could stand on their own.
This whole project grew out of my realization that I wanted to photograph the area, but would never take the time to stop at each place and photograph it in an ‘Ansel Adams’ fashion. That’s how my ‘photographing while driving’ came about. Every once in a while I do actually stop to take pictures, the motel ruins in this post are one of the exceptions. Not too long ago, and for decades they were truly spectacular because they had a row of columns  in the front.

Not as an excuse, but a comment, I am still not comfortable with my ‘color pallet,’ and my editing leaves lots to be desired.

ps. I am certainly no biblical scholar, but I find the quote on the billboard in the first image has a rather tenuous connection to Micah 7-18.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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3 Responses to “Pray That God Would Show His Mercy…”

  1. The motel ruins picture is the one that stopped me in my tracks. No problem with colour palette or editing with that shot.

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