“Richmond, VA…”

20130413_0808nikweb Recently I spent a couple of days in Richmond, Virginia. I had not been there in decades, and mostly remember having to drive through Richmond [pre Interstate Highways] on our way to Leesburg, Virginia, and stalling our VW Bug at traffic lights on the steep hills in town – I was a new driver then. My knowledge of the city was limited to the facts that it was the capitol of the Confederacy, is the capitol of Virginia, was burnt to the ground at the end of the Civil War – that kind of stuff! As you can tell, really up-to-date information. So I was not prepared for the gorgeous streets and buildings we encountered downtown. Just block after block of interesting buildings, neat cobble stone streets with brick sidewalks and budding trees. We walked around for several hours over a two day period, and were never disappointed. [It’s not something I would recommend during the summer!!!] While I always carry a camera, I really don’t take many tourist photos, and thus cannot show how fascinating a city Richmond is. We did take pictures of the houses above because of the ‘one room’ house stuck to the side of the gorgeous building next to it.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “Richmond, VA…”

  1. bbylois says:

    hello chris , My car that i rented , came from this state :) Two comments , if i may .

    Since you would like to express the house with one of them stucked above the others, I looking for that scenery. I assume you used a high shutter because the sky is so intens blue. not ?

    The image let me look for what is next to it , without telling us but assuming there is something nice as expressed with the lovely trees.

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