“Another One…”

20130308_0031nikcweb By themselves, these photos are a bit weak. This is another one from my Gasoline Stations portfolio. And yes, I know about Ed Rauscha’s Twenty Six Gasoline Stations.  Years ago I ran across it in the University Library. It was just sitting on the shelf with the other photo book, and could be checked out. Frankly, I was not impressed by it a bit. So, now I am photographing abandoned gasoline stations, and I am enjoying it. Go figure.

To me, what is remarkable is that all these stations are along one relatively short stretch of road, perhaps no more than 50 miles long, and so far I have over thirty of them. This whole project really ought to be turned into an Ethnographic case study. As somebody suggested a while back, I really should have used a GPS when doing these photos. I don’t have one in my car and much less a camera with one built in.

What interests me about them is how much they symbolize the dying and teetering economy in this part of Florida, and how that perhaps relates to the number of Confederate flags flying, and the outrageous and off the wall political and religious billboards appearing and disappear along this stretch of road.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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3 Responses to “Another One…”

  1. simon0252 says:

    Great to see “Another one …”, Christian. It’s shocking how everything changes so quickly these days. Good to see a record of them before they’re completely gone – a striking portfolio of images.

  2. bbylois says:

    Good afternoon Christian. I did something “wrong” . I referred to your previous posts, in color . The one with the poles vrs library. I always first look and keep on looking to your photograph , after I start to read your comment. In this case , I was forced to see the tree and only the tree. In your other work cfr the camper , i observed a sign. In this case I was looking for such sign to.

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