“The Bus…”

20130319_0246nikcwebI really don’t quite know why, but I continue to be fascinated by my ‘photos while driving’ results. This one is on my way to work, just a block from the State Capital Building in Tallahassee.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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4 Responses to “The Bus…”

  1. Looks just great, Christian. A bit of synchronicity here, as yesterday I shot a landscape from inside the car. Can’t remember doing that before. The car was stationary as I still haven’t grasped your system of shooting on the move – do you have a rig?

  2. Cool Roger & thanks – well, for this one I was stationary too because the light was red. No, I don’t have a rig. I just point the camera with my finger on the shutter release and photograph away, and I don’t much look at the camera screen [can’t walk and chew gum]. It’s probably the kind of thing that if one lived in a country where using cell phones etc while driving was outlawed. Here it is not. I actually am very careful NOT to use my cell phone while driving – too distracting.

  3. I really like the spontaneity of your driving shots. They feel as if you’ve captured a fleeting moment.

  4. Thank you Monica! I still have not dared to work with the gold leaf – but I will!!!!!

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