“A Quiet pre-Christmas Day…..”

20101228_4938nikcweb…in Cedar Key. That building with the flag pole in front of it is our City Hall. The two story white building next to it, is the library, and a two story building across the street from that [which you can’t see] is our Arts Center. I like the fact that the library, Arts Center, and Historical Society building – which is up the street – are all bigger than our City Hall.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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4 Responses to “A Quiet pre-Christmas Day…..”

  1. That’s pretty cool. There are quite a few towns in my area that have very, very small town offices. Like 8×10 feet for a few of them! I’ve done some photos of them, but never finished it as a project

  2. simon0252 says:

    Great to see that the Arts dominate – that’s how it should be! :)

  3. bbylois says:

    Ho Ho Ho Christian :) You are challenging us and I like it. The best way to offer my feedback is ” I wanna be there , at that spot on that day” I am sure this photograph can not be reproduced the way you did it and that makes it for me . You know me almost :). You are progressive to put right in the middle , a pole. it worked !!!!, I am amazed Christian; You let me guide by this pool to the library , the place i wanna be . And above all , you gave sense to the clouds above in a second degree . Meaning , I was not attracted to the clouds and they did not distract me. So the only thing I can say , you made a difference. To work out such a topic on other images , hmmmm , not that easy , But that is only me , challenging your back, though :) . thank you man

  4. Great looking shot, Christian – and not a girl in sight:)

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