“Technical blah. blah. blah…”

20130314_0096webIt was quite a thrill printing this photo on the Epson 9900 this morning. I did have to open up the instruction manual and make about half a dozen attempts to print before I succeeded. Basically the printer was set to ‘sheet feed’ and I was using a roll of paper, and then I had trouble setting the custom paper seize. I was using a 24″ roll of luster paper to print this photo which was 23″ x 17.25″ at 360 dpi. I made the photo with my Canon G10 as a jpg. Its original dimensions were 18.4″ x 24.5″ at 180 dpi, and the file seize was 6.44 MB. The camera was set at an ISO of 100. I cropped the image slightly to get rid of a curved horizon line at the top, and processed it with Nik Color Efex Pro 4.

As I mentioned below, I was not sure it would hold up to the enlargement. Long story short, I was totally impressed by the detail and color of the print. I was a bit too aggressive with the Nik filter application, and if I were to do it again, I would throttle back on the  ‘detail extraction’ on the skin tones, and the blurring around the edges. But now I know that I can print jpgs at 180 dpi, and shot at ISO 100 to  24″ x 18″ without any trouble, and without having to use noise reduction software. The amount of detail I can see in the print exceeds that which I see on my screen, and I am totally blown away by the fact that I can see little ripples of water sloshing around on the bottom of the boat.

Of course unless I had gallery representation in Paris, London, and New York, I would never buy a printer this big. I also found that I really don’t care for glossy or luster paper – but at this point, who cares and I am looking forward to showing the print to Milinda tomorrow.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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6 Responses to “Technical blah. blah. blah…”

  1. MilindaC says:

    And I can’t wait to see it in real life!!!!

  2. bbylois says:

    i Stopped using a printer because it requires to much attention to use the proper profile. I faced issues with the colors. So I decided to go to a lab and print only the selected ones. However I regret always not to print myself. It makes the finish real. Like you were surprised to see the ripples like that. Do you prefer glossy prints above the others? is that ? I do not understand. Could you explain ? I am curious

  3. Hi Bart – I think you are much more ‘attuned’ to color then I am. I honestly can’t say that the profile part of printing has caused me much trouble. I personally have an Epson Stylus Photo R3000 and truly love it. Before that I had a 2400 and it was great too. There is a lot to be said for doing the prints yourself, especially now that the printers have gotten to be so good. On the other hand, I am not sure it makes economic sense, especially if one has access to a good commercial printshop. No, I prefer matte papers, to the extent that I actually really love printing on straight water color paper, like Arches Cover. My theory is that the prints actually are more archival that way since there is no coating on the paper. I really don’t know enough about it, but suspect that printing on watercolor paper can be rough on the printer because of the paper’s fuzzy surface.
    The one glossy paper that I really like is Museo Silver Rag. However I cannot justify printing on it and then just sticking the print in a box.

  4. I hadn’t heard of Nik Color Efex Pro before. I’ve always used Photoshop ( at the moment CS4) – I’d be interested to hear about Nik. I googled it and it looked a bit amateur, and your work certainly isn’t. The print looks excellent, by the way.

  5. Hi Roger – well, you need Photoshop to run the Nik filters. I too have CS4. You can download a fully working 15 day trial version of any of their software, and I would HIGHLY recommend you give it a try. I was extremely skeptical for I had been using Photoshop only for over twenty years. Now, I would not want to do without the Nik Silver Efex and Color Efex filters. Trust me on this one! :)

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