“This Time as a Cyanotype…”

The original of this is a digital photo I made with my Canon G-10. A couple of years ago I made a contact print from the image on matte fiber paper, using a digital negative. This one is from a new 11’x17′ digital negative I made last night. I printed it this morning using a UV exposure unit – it was overcast outside and I could not make a sun exposure. This is the first time I used the unit and was surprised that I only needed a little less than five minutes to make this exposure. I had feared that using the UV unit would not give me as saturated a print as sun exposures would, but it turned out looking like all my other Cyanotype prints.
I don’t think all Cyanotype prints need to look this saturated though. I have been following a Russian photographer who makes very powerful Cyanotype nudes, that are not saturated at all. They even look like they might be a bit tea-toned. Their color is quite different from mine, but they sure are impressive prints.

A reminder that this is a photo and not a scan, and that obviously I have not spotted the print yet – this is a very ‘quick & dirty’ photo I made under rather lousy lighting. That’s what I do love about digital, it will let me get away with ‘murder.’

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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6 Responses to “This Time as a Cyanotype…”

  1. franzdromo says:

    Hola Christian.
    She looks beautiful, I like the tone and detail.
    That exposure unit has used? I use a UV Ultra-vitaluz Osram lamp and doing very well. Sorry for my English, is translation.
    Best regards

    • Hey Franz – many thanks. this is actually a UV unit, very nice, but I gather they are rather expensive, although I believe the material cost is not much more than $ 100. The Osram lamp sounds like a great solution.

  2. drawandshoot says:

    It is beautiful, Christian. I do love those tones.

  3. The tone of the blue fits very well. In all that blue silk she reminds on a mermaid. Beautiful.

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