“Road Trip…”

Wednesday morning I had to rise especially early because I had to be in Gainesville at 9:20, and I wanted to give myself three hours to get there. I really don’t like driving at night, my eyes are not that reliable in the dark anymore, not that I ever liked driving at night. Usually I am too sleepy. Fortunately the traffic was pretty light, even as I merged onto the Interstate and started barreling along at 70 plus miles an hours. However there was heavy fog, which made driving a bit more tricky, but motivated me to get out the camera to see if I could record anything that resembled the experience of zooming east on I-10 at that time in the morning.After driving for about an hour it was clear to me that I was actually fortunate to be driving before sun rise. I was going east after all, and if it had not been dark and foggy, I would be driving into the blinding Florida sun. Although there was fog on the ground, the sky was clear and the sun did not really come out till I turned south on I-75. Once the fog was gone there wasn’t much that was making me want to photograph it, and it was not till I was almost home again, that I remembered the place off the side of the highway that I had seen previously and thought might have been a gasoline station that I had not previously photographed. I barely got my camera ready when I went by it, and just fleetingly noticed the cross planted in the clearing. Usually I am rather disdainful of the overtly placed evangelical crosses that crop up along the highways around here. I find them visually and spiritually appalling, and rather disrespectful to boot. This rusty metal cross was a much more artistic and powerful symbol and piece of sculpture than I had seen before and I rather like it.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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8 Responses to “Road Trip…”

  1. These are beautiful. Love the halo around the trees on the second shot.

  2. janaobscura says:

    I love scenes from the road. Very cool!

  3. Very powerful pictures, Christian. I still don’t understand your technique of photography when alone in a speeding car and it seems to me that the cross by the road side may well be a warning:)

  4. drawandshoot says:

    Christian, your driving shots are great! So moody.

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