“Morning routine…”

Now that I am working at the University again, although only part-time, I am still struggling with my morning routine. Also, I have not set up a coffee pot at work. So I am treating myself to a stop at the neighborhood Starbucks for a ‘Venti’ of decaf with loads of ‘Half & Half.’ It’s only about 7:165 in the morning when I stop by, but usually there are about half a dozen people in line ahead of me, and so it was this morning – enough time to make this quick photograph before getting my coffee. Of course, I did not have enough credit on my Starbucks card and thus had to fumble around with getting the correct change. In the process I stuck my car keys into my back pocket, which I never do, and could not find them when I got to the car. So, I wa a little later at work than I had planned. Unfortunately we no longer have the wonderful bus service we had when we were here before. It was an express bus that got me to work in about 25 minutes, and driving takes me about 20 minutes, although it is only 7.2 miles from the apartment. Unfortunately it is just a little too tricky, hilly and trafficky for me to attempt to ride my bicycle – it would be a wonderful way to start the day, and get some exercise.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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