Actually I am not asking anybody to make choices, and I may not do so myself. It is just another example illustrating the quandary those of us who use digital or shoot color film face. We have the choice of leaving it a color image or converting it to b&w. Since I consider myself a rather ‘dyed in the wool’ b&w photographer I used to think the choice would be easy, but it is not.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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8 Responses to “Choices…”

  1. The colour works for me – but then it would, wouldn’t it?

  2. Well, I’m a black a white kinda gal. Love the contrast, the texture, the mood.

  3. :) Hi Monica and Roger – well, I think that is really the truth, and it just depends on how one wants to use them, or what ones wants to express. Many, many think for your thoughts on this!

  4. I’m loving the black and white on this but I tend more that way most of the time.

  5. simon0252 says:

    It’s hard to make a choice. I do like the colour in the motel sign, but then I really like the b&w too.

  6. Christian, when you took it where you thinking about how it would look in B+W or did you just shoot it knowing you could play with it later? I find that if I shoot it in colour I am never happy with the conversion, but that might just be we.
    For what its worth I really like the colour version.

    Minor unrelated annoyance here. my spell checker keeps telling me I have spelled “Colour” wrong. Stupid computer….

    • Hi Brendan, most of the time when I do these highway photos I really think that the end product should be in color. To me it is so much the color that give it the ‘Florida’ atmosphere, and I think just the way these often run down and dilapidated places feel. However, then when I play around with them in color I am never quite happy with the results, and often find that I am more at home with the b&w version. In many ways I really want to to color, but feel that I am more of a b&w kinda guy. Just don’t know.

  7. Colour is a funny one for me. My wife pretty much only shots with colour film so we often see the same scene from the two perspectives. I am looking at contrast, light and shadow etc and she is looking for bold vibrant colours.
    we have often shot the same scens with the same cameras, me using B+W amd her shooting colour and it always surprises me how different our “vision” was just because of the choice of film.

    When I shot colour I process my own film and she insists on getting the lab to do hers. I think this is because the lab tends to over saturate the images a bit and it frees her up from maybe doing the same thing in PS afterwords. Guilt free hyper realism!

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