“Motels 19/98…”

Last weekend I had a chance to work on the ‘Motel’ portion of my 19/98 portfolio. As we zoomed down to Cedar Key I was able to start concentrating on the motels along the way. I had, of course, photographed many before, but this time I was only on the lookout for motels, or remnants of motels. Just as with the gasoline stations, there are many old, disused and ‘re-purposed’ motel structures along the route, actually more than I had thought, even-though I had intensely concentrated on looking since I started the project. As I work through them, I will post some of the results here. As always I am totally amazed at how much I enjoy this project despite the fact that I am ending up with the type of work I usually dismiss as being of the ‘New Topographics’ persuasion or ‘dead-pan’ or some other – for me – unflattering label I sometimes affix to photographs.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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3 Responses to “Motels 19/98…”

  1. Great atmosphere. Very spooky. Love the picture.

    • Thanks Roger – since we were moving along at a pretty clip, I did not quite realize that the lone antique [?] car was parked there and the the whole thing would turn out to have a film noir kind of feeling.

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