“Of Sea and Salt, Climate Change and Ignorance…”

I took this photo just a few days before moving [temporarily] from Cedar Key. It was high tide and I thought it wonderfully illustrated the incredible closeness and vulnerability to the sea of this clump of keys in the Gulf of Mexico.

A few days after moving we received a robo call telling us that there was salt water intrusion into the aquifer and the Cedar Key water was no longer safe to drink and bottled water would be distributed to the residents. City and Water District officials professed total surprise at this and a lot of ‘head scratching’ ensued. Of course this is no laughing matter and any long term solution to this probably means installing a massive reverse osmosis plant and/or drilling wells further inland and laying a pipeline.
Researching the issue I was amused and dismayed to find that in April of this year a report had been made to the U.S. Senate calling attention to the problem of sea level rise in Florida, and specifically naming Cedar Key as one of the vulnerable areas. Sometimes scientists actually know what they are talking about!

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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  1. lovely quality – cool picture

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