“Dining Out! :)…”

This is also from my Florida Highway series. Obviously I did not photograph this from a moving car. In fact we were out of the car sitting at a table outside. No matter how much you want to, sometimes you can’t help but stop a fast food place. I am sure this weekend many of you might be doing something similar.
I have not tried to do this in b&w – should really be interesting, but I am not sure it will work without those iconic colors. Of course, I could be totally wrong.
Free Postcards are still available, get them while they are hot! :)

ps. Actually not that bad…….

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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7 Responses to “Dining Out! :)…”

  1. Excellent picture – like yourself I think that the colour helps the picture. But, having seen your black and whites, it could well work.

  2. Colour works for me here, the cheese is the classic fast food cheese- bright orange.

  3. andybeel says:

    Hi Christian I think I have to say with gritted teeth that the colour one is most effective in this case. In the beginning was black and white and god saw that it was good etc. Best wishes Andy.

  4. That’s an interesting observation, and I would have to agree with you. Of course, now the challenge will be to make an interesting and successful food photo in b&w!

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