“May The Force Be With You!….”

This is today’s triptych. These are the only three images I made. These things are really growing on me. The exposures were made on Number Four Bridge, looking roughly east.

Newcomers to town tend to call it ‘the fourth bridge,’ which is incorrect. The city of Cedar Key is made up of several keys, collectively known as Cedar Key, or in the old days, Cedar Keys. While it is the first bridge coming into town, depending on where you start counting, it could also be the fourth going out of town. However, that has nothing to do with the name of the bridge. The name comes from the time before Florida was a state, and was divided numerically into military districts. If you look on old maps you will see that a rectangular piece of land on the mainland leading to the bridge was ‘No. 4’ – that is Florida Military District 4. When I have flown out of Orlando or Tampa I have noticed that the planes will fly north along the west coast of Florida, and then turn roughly over Cedar Key to go to Atlanta, or wherever they are headed. For this reason we often have an inordinate amount of contrails in the sky.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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4 Responses to “May The Force Be With You!….”

  1. I really like your triptychs. It feels like a story is being told, and I wonder if there were a fourth frame, what would be in it? They’re mysterious to me.

  2. Looks excellent, Christian. I must get on with some printing. I’ve really fallen behind. I’ve got a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 and never stop moaning about how much ink it uses and how much cartridges cost.

  3. Thanks Roger! I don’t know much about your printer. I guess it is sort of like my Epson R3000. At least the cartridges are a bit bigger in the 3000 than they were in the 2400 I had previously, and I guess that means they might be just a tad bit more economical. Way back in time I used 3rd party inks with my Epson printer and was very happy with it, but with these new and more complicated printers I would not dare take a chance.

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