“One Thousand and One…pinhole”

This morning I had planned on going for a short – 6 mile – bicycle ride before settling down and doing another paper negative exposure. However, the clouds you see in the triptych below brought with them a cold front sweeping through last night. So, this morning it was cold, clear and windy. Well, ‘cold’ is a relative term for me. This time a year 58 degrees F is cold. So I chickened out on the bicycle ride and just walked. When I arrived at the darkroom I realized I had left my stop-watch aka cell phone at home. We don’t have a convenient pocket timer in the darkroom, so I almost gave up, but then decided that I could probably manage to go out and time the exposure by counting ‘one-thousand and one’ – ‘one thousand and two’….. all the way to sixty. Hmmm, so I did that and photographed this private residence. Although the sky was clear, the sun was still relatively low in the sky and there are loads of trees and houses blocking the light, so the contrast was pretty severe and the main portion of the house was mainly in the shade. Also there was an SUV parked there, blocking some of the view. Since the center of the house was unobstructed by the car I went and made the exposure anyway. There are several buildings along this street where there are always cars parked in front of them, and I decided as long as the main portion of the building is visible, I will photograph it.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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One Response to “One Thousand and One…pinhole”

  1. Whaddya mean, doesn’t everyone use the “one thousand and one” method? It’s my favorite technique! ;)


    Well, my mind starts to wander after about ‘one-thousand and thirty one!’ :)


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