“Gun Show…”

This is truly a loaded subject. I photographed it as part of my Florida Highways project for which the photos are mostly made from my car, either when driving or riding. I really try to hold down my ‘photographing while driving’ activities. Obviously this one was made from the passenger side. All my work in this series is done in color and with digital cameras. As I had written earlier, some of it was in the November issue of the SXSE Photo Magazine. I made this one last month, and can’t really decide whether or not to include it in the portfolio.

When doing these highway photos it is difficult not to go for the ‘cheap shot’ or the stereo typical image. I consider myself a southern photographer and don’t particularly want to add to the excess of clichés already floating around out there. That concern was a big part of doing my WaterWomen series. However, when driving down highways and roads it is, almost by definition, impossible to avoid superficial snapshot impressions.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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