This morning I went for a walk shortly after we received about two minutes of rainfall, which we dearly needed. We have been having totally clear skies for a while, and I was ready for some clouds.Those of you who have been following my blog for a while must be getting tired of my photographing more or less the same scenery over, and over again. I know however that no matter how many times I walk by these scenes they are different every time. This one is about a mile from our house, and when there were some interesting cloud formations over the water, I could not resist making this little panorama.The island on the right is Atsena Otie Key. This is where the town of Cedar Key was originally located. However in 1896 a monstrous hurricane struck with a twenty foot tidal surge, and destroyed much of the town. Then just a few years later, a fire swept the remaining structures. So, the town was relocated across the way, to keys closer to the mainland. The buildings you see on the left sit on what used to be the western terminal of the cross Florida railroad which first ran in the 1860’s from Fernandina Beach on the east coast to Cedar Key.I am not sure how long it operated, but the tracks are long gone.

Photographically and esthetically I am still struggling on how to deal with digital photos. As a life long black&white film photographer, I realize that, looking back, film was ‘easy.’ The things to consider with film were, among others, the size/format of the film/camera to use, the type of film, the developer, the paper, and your approach to film development and enlargement.Once that was nailed down, and that was NOT easy, it was pretty much a given as to how your prints would look. Now with digital, whether it ‘in camera’ or ‘post processing’ the choices available are increasing almost daily. I don’t buy the no post-processing mantra of some. No method of making photographs produces anything but an interpretation of what the eye sees. Black&white film photography is certainly no purer than b&w digtal photography. It is just taking much longer to figure out the look and feel I want my prints to have.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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4 Responses to “Clouds…Finally…”

  1. Mister Chu says:

    Interesting thoughts and history too. Thank you.


    You are welcome & thanks!

  2. nonoymanga says:

    Awesome panorama! Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga


    Thanks Nonoy!

  3. Those clouds look very ominous. Thanks for the history lesson every day is a school day!!


    Thanks Brendan! I do hope it’s a school day without all the anxiety!

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