“A Couple More…pinhole…”

Finally I am beginning to get to the western end of the street. Somehow there are more buildings than I had thought. This is currently the only new construction going on. It is a private residence, and as the signs out front proclaimed a while ago, this is the ‘coach-house’ and phase ‘1’ of the project.

This house is in the same general area as the above one. It is right next to the Baptist Church and used to be the minister’s residence when we moved here. At that time AC was the minister. He also taught at the school, and together with a Chiropractor from a nearby town, ran the garbage truck. We had daily pick-up in those days, and the truck was sparkling clean for the garbage run each morning. AC and his partner would hose it down with a fire hose after the trip to the dump. Now we have pick-up once a week, and usually the truck is dripping foul-smelling swill.

While I have not made this a self-imposed restriction on this project, so far, all the buildings were photographed using only one negative per building. There are no re-does here.

About christian harkness

Photographer and printmaker; living and working in north Florida.
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2 Responses to “A Couple More…pinhole…”

  1. Cabbie Notes says:

    Nice perspective. I find it amazing how different techniques can transform a seemingly mundane subject into an artful photo. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

    Many thanks Cabbie!

  2. It is just like Google street view, I am enjoying visiting your town.
    I finally had some success with my own pinhole exploits and appreciated even more the effort and experience that you bring to this type of picture making.

    Thanks Brendan! I very much appreciate your comments and feed-back. I find it interesting that when working in ‘alternative’ ways in photography sometimes the most simple process becomes vexingly difficult, and vice-versa.

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